The Awesome Power Of His Ressurrection

Christs' death is the perfect way to redeem man from his lost glory, thus, bringing man back to the 'Eden'. Since the fall of man, man have never recover from the 'shock' of driven away from the original plan that god made for him. this is there has been ups and down in the ways and life of man. But thanks be to God for sending His only begotten Son to suffer for
man once and make him free from sorrow for going to hell.
Now lets look perfectly into the meaning and what happened at the point  of "Resurrection":

  • Resurrection is the display of power over the forces of darkness.
  • When Jesus came out of the  grave, Satan loss his power - Luck 10:19
  • When you understand the words of God, you take charge and discharge the forces of darkness.
  • Death can't kill you as long as you are not afraid.
  • When you have the understanding of resurrection, you become unkillable.
Friends, the plan of man is not limited to prosperity alone (having money), but to know who we are in Christ Jesus. Until you know your rights you can not know your right Christ in the world.

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