Christ model of love

God is love. Therefore, the children of god must establish themselves in loving kindness. They must practice love spiritually, physically and characteristically.

They must not depend on their emotion and feelings to love. Our love must depend on the WILL to love. Christ’s love when on earth was always manifested, unhindered, uninterrupted because of His WILL to obey God, not because of emotions. A truly born-again Christian must love everybody despite all odds, even as Christ loves the whole world and gave his life for the redemption of mankind.

1. Christ loves the undeserving and the unlovable (Romans 5:6-10; Matthew 26:66-75; Matthew 28:9, 10);  

2. He loves at all times (John 13: 1); Christ loves willfully (John 10: 15-18); He loves absolutely (John13:15);
3.  He loves sacrificially (Ephesians 5:25; John 15: 13; Philippians 2:5-8);  
4.  He loves purposefully (Ephesians 5;25).

God expert His children to love
everybody, not because of what he or she can get from the person, but because it is God’s ordained order for him or her to love sacrificially. You do not love anybody enough until your love is sacrificial like that of Christ.

Obedience to God’s Word concerning love brings happiness and peace of the mind/surroundings. Happiness from above has a wonderful guarantee. Happiness from above will never fail. The definite Christian experiences of sanctification (John 17:14 - 23) is rich to keep the family. Community, society and the world at large in oneness, unity, harmony and love. You must allow yourself to live in purity, uprightness and truth. Love is exemplified by honoring one another, respecting one another and obeying one another. Endurance, perseverance, patience and tolerance uplifts LOVE. God is love, as such; love is greater than Faith and Hope. Let love be permitted in all your performances.

Be filled with love. Be anxious to practice love in order to be balanced in all the upright ways and wills of God.

May the Almighty God, the author of love, strengthen you to keep His banner of love according in Jesus name!

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