End Times Virus! Part 3

"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be.....proud......." 2 Timothy 3:2.

Perilous times are a period that precedes the coming of Jesus, which marks the end of ages. It is a period when people choose the kind of life to live. They live to please man, women, and themselves. They live to displease God and to please Satan!

The perilous time is the period we are in now; it is the most difficult period this world as ever experienced!

It is a period when Satan works very fast to win and to gain countless of people to hell! It is a period when through the finished calculation from the camp of hell, so many believers in Christ will fall and will unable to rise except by God’s mercy!

A period when there will be a lot of crises, in homes, society, nations!

That is why Jesus admonished believers in Christ in Revelation 3:11. That:
"behold, I come quickly: hold fast which you have, that no man take your crown."

To day we are going to look at the third end time virus, which is called pride. The bible says men shall be proud this perilous time!

The spirit of pride is from the camp of hell, Lucifer the son of the morning was the first proud creature! He was an angel, a cherub, but ark angel in charge of music in heaven. Because of his assignment as a minister of music, he was the closest to God among the three ark angels. And each ark angel had one third angels that serve under their ministry.

May be because ark angel Lucifer received adoration like god from angels, because, all angels bows to him, so he became very proud, and make up his mind to over thrown his creator, and take over from God! Isaiah 14:12-15.

But no one can fight god and win him, he is omnipotent, the almighty. Ark angel Michael is the minister of defense in the supreme headquarters in heaven, he fought Lucifer and his one third angels, and with his own one third angels he won them, so Lucifer lost his position in heaven and was thrown to the world. And he turned his name to Satan, meaning the enemy of God!

And what does it mean to be proud?
To be proud is to have high opinion about oneself, or to be arrogant!

This is the order of the day in the world today! This virus called pride has possessed and possessing so many in the body of Christ!

Pride is in the homes, in the children, in parents, men, or women. In some home women have no say, because the husband is the lion in the tribe of Satan!

Some women too can be too proud, because may be she has small change, or more educated. And so many children are arrogant! It is end time virus!

Some ministers of the gospel are so proud that they see all happenings in their ministry that is been done by them. Some will say come I will heal you! If I pray for you, you can’t remain the same! etc.

So many gifted singers are so proud, because song ministry if one is not well converted, and live holy and filled with Holy Spirit, Satan will take over and use you to his own glory. Because, that is Satan’s ministry and he has perverted so many music ministries today! That you can’t even know that it is Christian music!

If as a child of god you always see yourself behind the good happenings around you, Satan is your senior brother. Because every proud man or woman are enemies of God as satins is!

What makes the different in a believer is the grace of god. The reasons behind all miracles, blessings, deliverance, healing, etc is not you, it is the gift and grace of God. We minus God’s grace, we are a piece of dust. That is why Paul said, “I am what I am by the grace of God.”

So outside God’s grace, we are empty vessels. And the grace is not yours but God’s, so why should you be proud for what God is using his grace to do through your life?

Because you have the grace for healing, singing, preaching, miracle, faith, counseling’s, you are academically brilliant, you are equally intelligent, you are rich, you are highly educated, you knows every part of the world, because you are importer and exporter etc. It is not by your own making, and because others did not have that grace, you shouldn’t look down on them, and that should not make you to be proud! Rather that should humble you. Because that grace is not yours!

Why? Because it is God who bestowed this uncommon grace on you. The grace over our lord and master Jesus was uncommon, yet, he says i am meek and lowly in heart... Matthew 11:29.

* Why you must not be proud? Because:

a. God resisted the proud and gives grace to the humble. I Peter 5:5b.

b. Pride makes you to fall from
    grace to grass. Proverb 29:23.

c. Pride goes before destruction. Proverb16:18.

* Why you must be humble?

Humility is the fore runner of honour, the Bible says, before honour is humility. Proverb15:33.

The end time virus which is called pride is one of the part ways to hell fire! Because a proud person is the junior sister or brother to Satan!

Therefore, if heaven is your choice, then humility must be your passage!

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