Cancer Of Envy

-NUMBERS 12:1-8

T he godly Scottish preacher, Andrew Bonar, penned in his diary: 
�This day 20 years ago, I preached for the first time as an ordained minister. It is amazing that the Lord has spared me and used me at all. I have no reason to wonder that He used others far more than He does me. Yet, envy is my hurt, and today I have been seeking grace to rejoice exceedingly over the usefulness of others, even where it cast me into the shade. Lord, take away this envy from me!

� From our text, Miriam became the chief sponsor of this ungodly act of envy which brought about murmuring that eventually landed her and Aaron in trouble. She became leprous and was quarantined out of Israel�s camp for some time. Moses was the youngest of a family of three children. Aaron was three years older than Moses while Miriam was their eldest sister.

 When infant Moses was placed in a basket at the bank of River Nile, Miriam watched over him to forestall any evil befalling the baby. But now, she failed to know that God had made this same Moses a leader and prophet in Israel, with the attendant honour and respect. She did not recognise that divine leadership is not based on age or familial relationship. 

Though Miriam and Aaron survived the rebellion, it was not without divine punishment. We should be careful what we do, say or think about others; especially, those who may be younger to us, who have leadership positions placed on them over us. Most criticisms and complaints today are acts rooted in envy and jealousy. Envying others will only earn us the displeasure and judgment of God. 

Thought for the day: Leaders must be respected not castigated.
Bible Reading in one Year: NUMBERS 22 - 25 
Prayer: �And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman� (Numbers 12:1).

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