God’s teaching on giving

The presence and power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the lives of Christians and in churches is determined by our obedience to  the Great Commission (Matthew 28:20). “Give” is one of the express commands we must teach and also obey. This command was given to: (1) motivates all to give as everyone has something to give; even beggars in the streets have something to give. (2) Remove selfishness which is the major cause of poverty.  (3) Enlarge our coasts, circumferences and horizons. (4)  Maximize the use of resources/potentials by looking within instead of looking outside. This will reduce wastage of our resources/potential.  (5) Enrich all who gives with a cheerful heart. 

 (6) Endow all (7) empower all (8) envision all who gives.
When we give, what happens? There will be the followings:
G – Grace and Growth is experienced (God takes over)
I  -- Investment is made to yield dividends
V – Visitation (we open the door for God’s visitation)
E – Enlargement (God enlarges us)
Our Lord and Saviour Jesus said “…it is more blessed to give than to receive .”
Let’s break down this teaching for a better understanding of all.
1.       Provision through giving:
In the scripture in Luke 6: 38, there is an express command to give and it shall be given to us in abundant measure, that means everyone (including the beggar in the street) have something to give.
What are the things we should give to God?
a.       We have Life to give to God – proverbs 23:26. The poor, beggars have hearts to give to god who will now open their eyes to resources, things they can do and give.
b.      Everybody has Little to give to others -  1 Kings 17:8-16. Remember the boy who give his fishes and bread to Jesus. Much came back.
c.       All who are true children of God have Love to give. Hence, God commands us to love – Matthew 22:39; 1 John 4:7-12. Love is an investment that will always yield dividends.
d.      Everyone has Listening Faculty to use –James 1:19. Give your ears not to gossip but to listen to the cry and needs of the sick, dying and poor and pray that God will use you to supply their needs. There is someone you are richer than, so start giving and expect more.
e.      You have Laughter or Smile you can give to someone.
f.        You can Lead others to where God has taken you to. Even the lepers realizes that – 2 kings  7:9
g.       We are admonishes to render “the labour of love” – 1 Thessalonians 1:3. You have something to give. Ask God to open your eyes and mind to discover this.

2.       The principle and practice of giving:
When we follow Bible methods we will have assistance and divine result(s). God never command us to look outside for our supply. He always asks us to use what we have, give what we to Him, to His servant so that He can bless us. The church must apply this principle and practice it.
We must also look out to the cry of the needy and supply their needs, near and far off.
Let’s look at some Bible characters who give and receive blessings from God:
a.       Abraham- Genesis 17:5,15,16. This promise “…father of many nations…” and “…mother of many nations…” would have a mirage if Abraham has refused to give his only son, Isaac. He gave out of his poverty.
b.      Moses – Exodus 4 :1-4. This was what he had: “A rod”. He gave it to God and God used it. He didn’t look to the supply from Egypt.
c.       The widow woman – 1 King 17:9 “… to sustain thee” by the little she had that she and her son was to eat and die, verse 12. It was through that, not through the King’s supply God provided and sustained them throughout the period of famine.
d.      Anna, a widow and an old woman – Luke 2: 36-38. Prayer, power and potential.
A giver will never lack, will never be blind to resources. God will always provide for him because he flows to other God intends to bless.
You have something to give- your life, tithe and offering, love, etc. a giving church, nation, person will never lack.

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  1. it is more blessed to give than to receive