Marriage Commitment And Relationship

Marriage is an institution set by God. Its origin dated from Genesis 2:23-25, when God joined Adam and Eve. Husband and wife are two separate being that God joined to become one flesh.
Marriage commitment and relationship is not what should be taken with a lost hand. Spouse should therefore be dedicated t a cause, activities, etc, to each other no matter the circumstances that may surround the marriage.
Spouses should also be committed to their children and themselves. Some people are committed only when life is rosy and everything is moving smoothly but when life is challenging, when there is no money in the bank account, when there are no children or when there is difficulty in health.
There is a true story of  a man in a very reputable university, his wife developed ulcer, then, unfortunately month after month, it continue to develop worse, and became so bad she could not recognize her husband anymore. This man was one day employed
people to take care of his wife.
The, one day, he  announced to the board members of the university that he is going to resign so that he can have enough time with his sick wife, they could not understand it, they tried to talk to him on his decision. They tried and tried to tell him how important he was. One of the board ember rose up and said; ‘why do you want to do this, she does not even know who you are’, and the man replied and said, ‘listen, I made a commitment to this woman over fifty years ago, she may not know whom I am  but I know who she is’. That is the kind of commitment we are talking about here.
God is going to hold us responsible if we fail to keep our families together.
The word, ‘husband’ is derived from a Latin word ‘house band’, think of how rubber-band keep things together that’s how we are suppose to be.
Solomon was the wises  man that have ever lived. Every morning he woke up, he blessed his wife. He will say, there are many beautiful women in the world but you excel them all. He starts his days by blessing and praising his wife, you can imagine how our relationship will improve when we start like that.
Are you always busy talking of your spouses’ weakness or are you like Solomon who woke up praising and blessing his wife?
I heard someone said, “A complement is like glue that holds relationship together”.
We all go through difficult time, but if our spouse knows how much we care him or her, it will make us to overcome that difficulty easily. If we will start telling him/her how  important he/she is to our life, the better.
If you talk about the good, you draw out the good, but if you talk about the negative, you draw out the negative. It’s up to each of you.
If you speak well about your spouse you will see her rise up to a higher level, what some people need is a little encouragement before they will give you their best. That time, if you treat your wife like a queen, she will treat you like a king. Is up to us  you to choose.
The scripture said, because Solomon praised his wife, his children rose up and blessed her as well. In order words, if we praise our wife, our children are going to follow our step. The way you treat your wife will reflect on the way your children are going to respect their mother.
Husbands treat your wife the way you want others to treat our daughter. Ladies, treat your husband that way you want others to treat your sons.
No parents will like others to treat their children in an unfair way, therefore, start it yourself and you will see other people respecting your children.
Never see marriage as an ordinary union, see it as a union ordaind by God
“Husbands, love your wives even as Christ also loved the Church, and gave Himself for it”. Ephesians 5:25
“Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.” Ephesians 5:22, 23
But remember that you cannot do these if Christ is not residing in your life. That means, you MUST be born-again, accept Jesus as your Lord and Seviour.
Say this prayer: Lord Jesus, I come to You as with all my sins, I now make you my Lord and Saviour, forgive me from all sins, give me the grace to sin no more, thank you Jesus, I am born-again and I know am saved in Jesus’ name… Amen.

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