Be not deceived: Satan never gives up

Satan never gives up on people. As he wars against sinners from getting saved the strategies to take hostage once again those who have been reconciled in Christ. His weapon, more often than not, is
deceit. He deludes pilgrims into pursuing other goals in life to the detriment of their personal involvement in God’s work. They become dysfunctional members of the church glorying in past accomplishments in Christendom. They fail to read and meditate on God’s word which is necessary for their spiritual growth, maturation and sustenance. They become as deceived as the sinners still in the world.

    1.  A woman is deceived when she attempts to pursue worldly pleasures as well as seek the kingdom of  God-  Matthew 6: 24; James 4:4.
     2. She is deceived when she thinks self-righteousness and keeping of religious ordinances will give her access into God’s Kingdom – John3:3.
     3.    She is deceived when she believes all sermons, prophecies and miracles come from God – 1 John 4:1.
      4.   She is deceived when she thinks, “We all-Christians and non-Christians – serve the same God” – 2 Corinthians 6:14-16.
       5.    She is deceived when she thinks God is “too loving and merciful” to condemn sinners to everlasting punishment – Hebrews 2:2, 3.
       6.   She is deceived when she thinks God is not interested in “little” sins and errors.
        7. She is deceived when she thinks she is too knowledgeable, fervent and strong in faith to fall or backslide.
8      8      She is deceived when she believes the teaching of eternal security – once saved, forever saved- is biblical.
      9  She is deceived when se thinks she can win the worldly to Christ by being worldly herself.
      10.  She is deceived when she thinks there will still be room for repentance after death.
       11.   She is deceived when she thinks scriptural principles are old-fashioned and not applicable to the modern society. 
       12.   She is deceived when she thinks Christ may not return, and the present world may not come to an end after all.

If you realize that you’ve been deceived, then now is the right time to retrace your steps like the prodigal son. If you will jettison all deceptive ideas of the devil and return to Christ today, He will pardon and receive you.

The kingdom of Satan glitters with the temporary treasure and pleasures of this world but Jesus offers you abundant life – life in the present and in the world to come. The only thing that can guard you against the deceit of Satan is the truth of the word of God. Study it; mediate on it, live by it and hold on to it at all times. If you heed the precepts and warning, you will not be deceived.

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