Purposeful spending of the Holiday

Holiday period is the time of rest from profession, academic and extra-curricular activities in workplace and school. Purposeful spending of holiday therefore implies a useful or properly co-ordinated way of spending the holiday.
The holiday period should be properly and maximally utilized to the gain of the worker or student. Some people, however, see it as times to play around, travel, visit friends, have fun, and engage themselves in unproductive activities. Whatever result you have is a product of your input. If you spend your time well, you shall get a good result (Proverbs 6: 6-8). For Jacob, the visit to Laban was supposed to be a period to be free from the threat of his brother, Esau. He, however, turned the period to lay a very solid foundation for his future and destiny (Genesis 27:41- 45; 28: 20 -22; 29:15). Unfortunately, for Dinah, she chose to use her free period for purposeless and aimless visitation, the result was defilement for her, death for several people and even devastation of a whole city. How we need to learn to productively utilize the period afforded us by holiday (Genesis 34: 1-7).

An idle hand, they say, is the devil’s workshop. That is why it is important and necessary to do something useful at this time. Furthermore, personal development through acquisition of skills during the holiday period will make you unique and outstanding among others. This is very good period to also undertake useful training that can bring immediate gain and also make you a better person in the future. It is also a time when Christians should build better relationships with God, unsaved individual should re-examine their ways and turn to the Lord and backsliders get restored (Joshua 1: 8; Matthew 6: 33; Isaiah 55: 7). Invest your time during holiday wisely and secure a better future for yourself. (Psalms 20: 1-5).
 What are specific productive activities individuals can engage in during the holiday?

i.                 Short vocational training in Cooking/Catering, Interior Decoration, Barbing, Computer knowledge and application; GSM Repair, Candle making, Soap making, Paint Making/ Mending, packaging of Food items, Printing, Rewiring, computer repair, Foundry, Sign writing, Small Scale Farming, Trading, etc.
ii.               Taking care of your deficiencies in certain subject
iii.             Developing your spiritual life and character through reading and prayers
iv.             Training in musical instruments
v.               Attending church planned activities during the holiday including Bible School, Coaching classes/Skill acquisition, Success Camp and Miracle Programme.

It is unfortunately therefore that most time, what you get is a result of what you put in as you cannot sow evil and reap good. There are several unproductive activities some individuals use their holiday period for:
i.                    Purposeless and aimless visitation and sight-seeing – Genesis 34 : 1-2
ii.                  Partying, feasting and going on picnics -  Ecclesiastes 7 : 2-4
iii.                Patronage of games and viewing centers.
iv.                Passive involvements in spiritually rewarding activities like praying, preaching and participating in revival programs.
v.                  Play around, have endless fun, watch television/home video or even sleep long hours! – proverbs 19 : 15; 21:17
vi.                Parental indulgence. Some see this period as time to be “spoilt” by their parents after long stay away from home, particularly boarders.
vii.              Postponing learning and acquisition of new skills – Proverbs 21: 25.

What are the profitable achievements of purposeful spending of holiday?
The Scripture said that “Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year a hundredfold and the Lord blessed him” Genesis 26:12. There are numerous benefits and rewards for a hardworking individual for a purposeful and productive use of the holiday period. Some of these are:

i.                    Good Success -  Joshua 1:8
ii.                  Gainful employment – Genesis 39 : 1-5
iii.                Garners will be full -  Genesis 26: 12; Deuteronomy 28: 4- 5.8.11
iv.                Grace for holy and pour living – Philippians 4: 13; 2 Corinthians 12:9
v.                  Godly glorious heritage both now and for eternity – Daniel 12: 3

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