Weekend Admonition

           “I can do all things through Christ which strentheneth me” Philippians 2:13

This weekend I will like you to think positively all through and never doubt in your heart.
This is a moment you need not worry
over difficulty that may have becloud you in time past. Never think of impossibility. Be a man/woman of faith and speak strength to your life.
Apostle Paul has given us the words that need to live in us all through by admonishing us to constantly say “I can do all things…” never give space to negative words. Whatever you said is what you will get. When you speak faith, you get it, when you speak weakness, you become weak spiritually, physically, psychologically and emotionally.
The truth is that what we speak controls our being. You need to ask yourself ‘what do I normally say to myself? Do I tell myself, boy, you are rich; you are healthy; you are successful; you are favored, you are on top?’ speak these to your life and see them working in you.
Many depend on “great” ministers to lay their hand and pray for them to be successful, forgetting that they have the same anointing in their mouth to speak life into their life. Remember that you are what you made yourself. From today, when you wake up in the morning tell yourself  “I can do all things through Christ…”.
Live with this little word and I see you doing all things through Christ Jesus but remember that you must be born again before this  will manifest in you.

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