Allow me to indulge you in relationship issues.
This could help you or someone else you know!
Often, in the pursuit of love, we get so caught up trying to find the right person, that we end up losing ourselves.
Just as important as it is to find someone who has the qualities we want in a relationship leading to marriage , it’s important to take some time to look inward, making sure that we are meeting the very standards we are looking for in a partner.
After all, if you're going to have a "list" of qualities you want in a partner, then you should also have a corresponding list of qualities you want to exhibit.

So what does it take to become "marriage material"? Here are a few characteristics to consider. Obviously, these are qualities we should continue to strive for long after we're married—and it's not like we'll master them 100 percent of the time- but the process starts now, as we ask God to shape us into who He wants us to be.
Let me first list some:
* Root yourself in faith
* Take Responsibility for Your Life
*Take some time to look inward first- self awareness.
*Deal with your insecurities.
*Learn to Commit
*Build Healthy Habits
*Learn to Communicate in Healthy Ways.
Let me just explain two for now.
Believe it or not, all the things you struggle with as a single person , you will likely continue to struggle with in your marriage. So there’s no better time to better yourself than before marriage.
God’s word reminds us that one of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control. What are the areas of your life that are in need of some self-control? Your spending habits? Your emotional world? Your sexual struggles?
Your leisure activities? How are you spending the precious minutes of your life, and are you building habits that will benefit your future marriage or hang-ups that will poison it?
From how you deal with your finances to how well you keep your word—and everything in-between—being ready for marriage means you take responsibility for your life.
To put it simply, part of getting ready for marriage means growing up. And “growing up” has nothing to do with your age. It’s one thing to keep a childlike sense of wonder and adventure, but we live in a culture that allows us to remain children for far too long, never asking us to plan ahead or set goals, blaming everyone else instead of owning up to our life choices and responsibilities.
Recognize your role in your life and in your relationships by learning to grow up and take action. When you are responsible with your life, you will also be responsible with your spouse’s heart.
Those two can do for today!

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