The great surprise of God’s visitation- Job 9:10

1.       The declaration of His promise:
Romans 10:13; Revelation 22: 17-18
There are many promises that God made to his people but what it requires is for them to accept Him as their lord and personal savior.
The promise of God is for those who will.
“…Whosoever will let him take the water of life freely.” Revelation 22: 18

2.       The demonstration of His power:
Matthew 11:4,5; Luke 4:32,36
When God speaks the word of authority and power, your problems are over.
The ministry of Christ was with great power and many people testified of it. That power is still at work till today, what it required for you to be a partaker of that power is just for you to give your life to Christ right now without procrastination.
3.       The decision of God’s people:
Joel 3:14
The great possibilities of God’s power depend on your decision. Te decision you take to accept Christ will surely usher you into the realm of great possibilities of God’s power.
Many people are making decision today, but what is uttermost important is the type of decision you are making. You are expected to make are positive decision that will guarantee your success here on earth and then in eternity.

Note on Pastor Kumuyi’s message

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