Christ’s power to cleanse from all defilement

Defilement is to make foul, dirty or unclean, pollute, taint and debase. It is to violate the  chastity of something. It is to make impure. It is uncleanness due to contact with the world.  Somebody that is defiled is polluted and unfit for the Kingdom of God. Our Lord Jesus came to the world to reconcile us with God and make us fit for His kingdom.

The scriptures are clear that a person is considered to be unclean or defile by God because of evil works. Thus, we read the words of the Lord Jesus Christ ‘that which cometh out of the man that defileth the man'. For from within, out of the heart of man proceed evil thoughts, adulteries,  fornication, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, all these come from within and defile the man’ Mark 7:23. Therefore, we become defile by the sins we commit. Defiling works then are produced by yielding ourselves to uncleanness and willingly doing things contrary to the will of God. But in Romans 7:24; 8:2, Apostle Paul declared ‘’ I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord… for the law of spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death’.
To be free from defilement, Christ’s power is powerful to clean from every form of defilement.
God the father has committed all things into the hands of Jesus and He is the source of the power for cleansing from every form of defilement that make a man unfit for the kingdom of God. The love of God for the world made Him to give the power to our Lord Jesus Christ (1 John 3:16).

 The purpose is to save us from sins (defilement). Without His blood that was shed on the cross at Calvary, there is no remission for sins (Hebrews 9:22). The offense of man through Adam condemned sinners to death but the grace through Jesus Christ brought justification to man. There is no other name given among men whereby we can be saved or cleansed (Acts 4: 12). You need to acknowledge your defilement, accept Christ’s power to cleanse and receive the cleansing from Christ faith.
Christ has the power to cleanse as many that come to him for cleansing; there is a need for you to play your own part in order to partake of Christ’s power to cleanse from all defilement:

i.                     Acknowledgement and Repentance from all defilement –  1 John 1:8; Proverbs 28: 13.

ii.                    Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Savior – John 3: 36; John 1:12.

iii.                  Regular reading and meditation on the word of God – John5: 39; 1 Peter2:2

iv.                 Separation from friends and acquaintances that can cause defilement – 1 Corinthians 6: 14

v.                   Prayer for grace to remain cleanse from all defilement – psalm 55: 16-18.

When you abide in Christ, there will be abundance grace to carry you all through your Christian journey here on earth.
Christians can rely and depend on the prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ to keep them cleansed. Christians should however play their part so as to be partakers of sustaining grace over all defilement. They should:

1.       Watch over every area of their life.

2.       Maintain intimate fellowship with God and the members of the body of Christ (The Church).

3.       Keep away from every object of defilement.

4.       Allow the word of God to saturate their heart always.
5.       Pray without ceasing.

6.       Participate in the service of God.

The grace of God is there with you to claim, never shy away from the cleansing fountain.

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