Discipline In Child Upbringing

In today’s short post, we will be looking at the all important aspect of life which many parent always do wrong in the quest of training their children. When childhood closes, life’s training is almost done. Begin early.

“He that spareth his rod hateth his son” Proverbs 13: 24

 Discipline must be viewed as having two functions: that of building up cherished habits in the child and of modifying and changing unserviceable habits.

 While situations requiring punishment will occur in spite of the best training. Punishment may be necessary at any age, but if a parent or teacher must resort often to punishment, there is something wrong in his method of discipline.
 Reward and substitution are the two most effective means of securing desirable behavior.

 Short Tips Of Effective Discipline:

1.   Consider the differences in guidance control.

2.   Remember to commend the child for desirable behavior.

 3.  Be sure to explain instructions and demands properly to the child. Don’t give vague information.

4.   Treat all children equally. This is the most important area where some parents are getting it wrong. Liking some children more than others.

5.  Avoid using false incentives.

6.   Rewarding the child to stop him from misbehaving is destructive to discipline.

7   Reassure the child of your love after punishment.

8.   Match discipline with the age of the child.

9.  Give punishment commensurate to offense.

 10.  Avoid anger in corporal punishment.

11.  When the flagrantly disobeys, discipline him.

 12.  Optimism does wonders. Nothing helps as much as seeing the right side of life. Therefore, hope for the better.

 “And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children” Isaiah 54:13

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