Eight ways to waste your life

Life can be perpetual of “challenges” coming at us. Fear, envy, the past, greed, anger, indecision, etc.. jostle for our time and demand our attention. Specifically, some of these things can turn out to be  time-wasters if undue attention is given to them. Not only that, they can weaken our faith and make us feel everything is impossible. We’ll here examine eight ways you can waste your life as an individual. Note, however, that the list isn’t limited to these eight alone.

COMPARISON: Nothing gets you behind faster than trying to keep up with the Joneses. Apart from the fact that comparing yourself with others sets you back; God’s word speaks against it, 2 Corinthians 10: 12.

BLAME: People’s unwillingness to take responsibilities for their own actions or inactions makes them resort to blaming other people. If you are in the habit of blaming your entire problem on other people or even circumstances, then, you really are not ready to make progress in life. To expect your life to be perfectly tailored to your specification is to live a life of continual frustration. When you make mistakes or experience failure in any area of your life, accept the blame first, take responsibility, and finding the solution will become easier.

COMPLAINING: The more you complain the less you’ll obtain anything. The person who is always finding fault and complaining about almost everything seldom finds anything else.  A life full of complain is sad, distracted and may not see opportunity when it knock on the door.

REGRET: The feeling of regret over something wrongly said or done, or regret about loss of something or someone dear, keeps you dwelling on the past. Correct your past mistakes and move on with your life there’s no use living in regrets. This only stalls your forward movement.

ANGER: Anger falls one letter short of danger. When you get angry, you are likely calling for danger, because at that point you might likely lose your temper and do something you’ll regret. Anger also affects the human system negatively; it’s not good emotionally for believers, Ecclesiastes 7:9.

GUILT: Guilt is an acceptance of wrongs done, often accompanied by a feeling of shame and condemnation. It can be sometimes overwhelming, such that you keep seeing yourself as an evil person, even after you’ve asked for and received pardon from God or somebody you’ve wronged.


FEAR: Fear, like its brother, worry, is like interest paid in advance on something you might never own. It is a poor chisel for carving out tomorrow. It makes you forget the ability of God and His great promises for every situation in your life. It makes you run from something that is not after you. Fear of the future is a waste of the present.

WORRY: It’s simply the triumph of fear over faith. Worry is a rout that leads from somewhere to nowhere. Actually, it only compounds an already existing problem. Worry is not good for your spiritual, psychological, and physical well-being.

Don’t waste your life with any of these eight life and time wasters. God’s word counsels, “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be move” Psalm 55: 22. Never view your future from a position of worry. Instead, press forward in faith, knowing that the plan of God is to give you a brighter future and hope everlasting. Be not afraid of tomorrow because God is already there to make every crooked path straight. As you depend on Him and His promises for you, nothing will cut short your life in Jesus name!

Source: Deeper Life Women Mirror

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