Overcoming Delays Through God’s Intervention

Today, we are going to look into a subject that has kept some people bond for ages. But I pray that after today, your life will never be the same again in Jesus name…
Let’s go to the scriptures to get the light of the word of God, that is, knowing what God has in store for us today. Turn with me to the book of 1 Chronicles 4: 9, 10, from here we saw  that delay has been from the bible days  and solution is there for those that seek for it.
What is delay?
Delay describes a situation of inability to get, attain or acquire one’s wish within the desirable time. Ordinary, this should be no big deal as we all experience delay at one point or another in the course of living. Life routines include minor and occasional delays like those encountered at bus stops, in road traffics, in banks, etc. certain delays, however, are of far weightier consequences than these. Such was the one Jabez had to contend with. He discovered that favoured others seemed always to work against him, and parental interventions could not help. In face, he
was named Jabez, which translates to sorrow. Delays like this can only be overcome through Gods intervention. Jabez realized this and wasted no time to enlist divine help. Thank God, the intervention came and he soon became “more honourable than his brethren”.
You might be facing some stubborn delay today. If you will take your case to god you too like Jabez will soon become more honourable than your peers and those that think you will not succeed in life and ministry.
Overcome delay there is no doubt some scarifies that must be made to be free  and become an overcomer of such delays in life like Jabez.
All you need to get divine intervention as Jabez did is prayer of faith. This however presuppose that certain scriptural obligations and conditions are fulfilled. To offer effectual prayer of faith, it is imperative to:
1.       Be converted; you must know and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and personal savior. John 9:31
2.       Know God’s promises relevant to your needs.
3.       Personalize and actualize the promises.
4.       Pray in faith: the prayer of faith will go a long way to save you from all your delays and make the promises of God fulfill in your life. Matthew 5: 16-11
5.       Pray with importunity. To be importunate is to unrelentingly persistent.
It is to continue asking until the answer comes. This is not vain repetition but a manifestation of the faith cannot be denied.

Remember, when you break your shackles of delay you pave the way for your passage into the limelight of success, breakthrough and all-round achievement.

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